Q: My account has expired, what should I do now?
A: Please click here to revalidate your account. This is done by entering your PayPal e-mail address into the box and then pressing the “Validate” button.
If a payment from the past 30 days has been found, your account will be instantly re-validated, get in!
If a payment cannot be found, please contact us on our Support page so we can resolve this issue as soon as possible.

Q: I have an issue or question, how can I contact you?
A: If you wish to get in touch with us you can do so via our Support page or through our social media sites Facebook – Twitter.

Q: How often do you post tips?
A: Tips are posted every day without failure. Even though the main leagues go on a break in the summer, be rest assured that we do not. Value can and will still be found throughout these months!

Q: How much is it to become a member?
A: We have two subscription packages available, £4.99 for a monthly rolling membership and £49.99 if you wish to sign up for the year and SAVE!

Q: What time are the tips available on the site?
A: We aim to have the daily tips live on the website around 9.00am. However at the weekends we offer more selections, as a result we aim to have them live by 12:00 pm. #INPLAY tips are generally posted after the main tips and analysis are online.

Q: Do you provide you tips via E-Mail or SMS
A: Not right now, we are looking into ways to better provide our tips but at the moment they are available solely on the NextBet website.

Q: Do you have a mobile version or app?
A: We do not have a specific mobile version of NextBet but the site is fully usable on all modern mobile and tablet devices. We are looking at developing a native application but have nothing to announce right now.


Q: I click on today’s tips and see “Available Soon” but they have been posted. What should I do?
A: If you are a paid member and see this message then please try clearing your browser cache as this usually solves the problem. If you are on the ‘iPhone’ refer to this guide here. Should these solutions not alleviate the issue then please contact us via Twitter.

Q: My account says expired, but I am not due to make a payment?
A: If you are a member and your account has expired then please contact us and the support team will address this for you.

Q: My account says expired as my subscription has run out, when will it re-activate?
A: When your subscription runs out we will take payment automatically, this does not happen until after 1 pm on the expiry day so please allow time for this to process.

Q: How do I cancel my account?
A: The easiest way to close your NextBet account is to log into PayPal and cancel all recurring payments associated with the NextBet service, a helpful guide is available here.

Q: I have cancelled my account but the subscription is still active?
A: As above, please log into PayPal and make sure that all recurring payments are removed, some users have reported there being more than one.

Q: Do payments come out of my PayPal account automatically?
A: Yes, when you sign up to the NextBet service you create and agree to an automatic recurring payment in PayPal, this will be taken each month, though you are free to cancel at any time and are tied into NO CONTRACTS.

Q: You seem to have taken a double payment from my PayPal account, how can I sort this?
A: Please note that making a manual payment via PayPal when your account expires will create a second recurring subscription, from this point multiple payments will be taken each month unless cancelled beforehand. Please log into your PayPal account, cancel the second recurring payment and contact us, we will refund your payment.

Q: I cancelled my account, can I re-join?
A: Sure, just sign into your account, it will state expired and ask you to make a new payment, if you do this the account will become active again.